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Product Details:-Item #: ZT-1560-Dimensions (inches): 30H x 30W x 3D Hook-Collection: Jan-Condition: NEW - This is a newly made piece in excellent conditionAdditional Information:-Mark: EuroLux Home-Object: CLOCKA clock is an instrument used for indicating and maintaining time and the passage thereof. Although the Egyptians and Romans kept time by the use of the hourglass and dripping water, mechanical, weight-driven clocks were first developed during the Middle Ages. These large clocks were found in public places such as government buildings and churches and only had an hour hand. By the mid-1600s, spring-driven clocks were keeping much more accurate time with the principle of the pendulum and the minute and second hands appeared. Until the 1800s, clocks were hand-made and expensive, however with the advent of machinery to produce clock parts in the Industrial Revolution, the clock became a common object in most households.

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Jan Zt-1560 Clock

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